BMX Freestyle Park:THE FINAL
  • BMX Freestyle Park:THE FINAL

    BMX Freestyle Park:THE FINAL

    THE FINAL, the king will be born at AICHI SKY EXPO in January 25th and 26th 2020!


    After all, Rimu Nakamura was the strongest in the domestic league. The players were inspired by his hot riding and there was the hot domestic battle. The black cards which are put in THE FINAL are living legends. Don’t miss the moment of the birth of the king.

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    What is BMX Freestyle Park?


    BMX Freestyle Park is a thrilling bicycle competition using jumps, handrails, boards, and steps. Riders use jumps to pull off aerial tricks.

    They are free to use whichever sections they want, however they want, so their sensibilities are also key. There are numerous scoring criteria, such as jump height, trick complexity, and smoothness of landing.



Qualifying Round.

・ 16 players

・ 2run (60sec / run) + 2 best trick

※ Top 8 players pass qualify to the final.

Final Round.

・ 8 players

・ 2run (60sec / run) + 2 best trick

※ THE FINAL will be battle by 8 players who pass the qualify.

[Scoring Method]

・ Judge 1 run/ player / min 100 points + best trick 20 points. Total 120 points.

・ Choose the best point from 2 try.

・ The points are scored with overall impression under 5 topics. [Difficulty / Perfection / Originality / Variation / Routine]



[Invitation Players]

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 LOGAN MARTIN 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク



The best park rider in the world, Logan Martin. He got Gold Medal at X-Games and also won with FISE. All his riding is perfect and the high level of completeness as if he was in another world.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 MARIN RANTES 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク



The hero of Croatia who is the champion of FISE WORLD CUP 2018. The young rider stably gains the points with the high-level spinning trick like a machine.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 KOSTYA ANDREEV 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age24 / RUSSIA

As known as Russian Bar Spin King, Andreev Kostya creates variety of original bar spin.  The leader of Russian BMX who is the ranker of FISE.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 BRANDON LOUPOS 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク



Australian almighty BMX rider, Brandon. His legendary victory  of FISE HIROSHIMA 2019 with 95.80pt. He made perfect run of the most difficult trick which include every vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rotation. How he will make anther legend!

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 DANIEL SANDOVAL 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age25 / USA

X-Games Gold Medalist. The top ranker of the world matches and FISE. He perfectly rides high level trick with his attractive and stylish riding.  American national champion of 2019.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 BOYD HILDER 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク



The champion of Simple Session 2019 which is the hardest to win in the world, made his name famous in the world. His stylish performance and big air is so attractive.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 PAT CASEY 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age25 / USA

X-Games Silver Medalist. The young BMX rider made American dream as he built the private park called Dream Yard.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 KANYA OHNISHI 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age35 / JAPAN

Represent of Hidatakayama

He is improving his skill at his skate park in his hometown.

The handsome rider whose skill is still improving even he is over 30s.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 BEN WALLACE 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age33 / UK

British veteran top rider who rides at both park and dirt. He got 2 silver medal at X-GAMES Dirt. Big Flair Transfer has become his byword and will excite the audiences.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JUSTIN DOWEL 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age19 / USA

The champion of 2018 UCI World Championship who is only 19 years old and a promising young American national team player.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 TOSHIO TAKAGI 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age30 / JAPAN

The pioneer of BMX park scene in Japan. A living legend who has several hammer trick of the highest difficulty, such as double back flip. His soulful riding fascinates every audiences.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 RIM NAKAMURA 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age17 / JAPAN

Series champion of FISE World Cup 2019. He performs top class high air in the world and stable riding but high-level trick with established reputation. He is the most rising BMX rider today.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 DAICHI TESHIGAHARA 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age24 / JAPAN

This is thoroughbred! 100% purity BMX rider whose father is  the professional worldwide BMX rider. He holds many titles and aims to world from Nagoya Japan.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JOJI MIZOGAKI 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age13 / JAPAN

13 years old young rider. He performs original and unique routine and high air like that of an adult. The next generation who tries to fight in the world with Japanese flag.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 SEIMEI OKADA 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age16 / JAPAN

Up-and-comer from Nagoya with energetic personality. This young rider qualified to the final of elite class and has great expectation in the future.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 HARUHIKO OWA 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age17 / JAPAN

He got 2nd prize and is attracting the most attention now. His high-level trick and handsome face attract audiences.


CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント VAN HOMAN 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age:40 / USA

The legend, Van Homan has been in top pro for over 20 years. He also won medals at X-Games and left many legendary video parts. Currently, he judges at many major competition such as FISE and X-Games.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント BRIAN KACHINSKY 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age:37 / USA

Brian has been at forefront for nearly 20 years. Currently, he judges the official competition such as FISE and has deep trust from all riders.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント JUN "OPJ" OPPATA 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age:47 / JAPAN

He became FLATLAND All-Japan champion when he is 15 years old, and he also became All-Japan champion after transferred  to STREET PARK. He succeeded jump lamp with backflip 27 years ago. Currently, he formed BMX TEAM “SUAD BMX” and came back from 6 years brank after Great East Japan Earthquake 3.11. He manages many competition and Jam, and also established apparel brand “the second flag”. He judges many competition in Japan as JCF official BMX judge, and is in active with his child.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント YASUAKI SHINJO 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age:50 / JAPAN

He started BMX when his friend started BMX during junior high school in 1990’s.  He played mainly in freestyle for 3 years, and he became popular with his upcoming style in Kanto when his was 20 years old. He moved to Osaka in early 1990 and received the support from TOYO FRAME and he released signature frame (Wharf). After he joined ARES BIKES, he released first street frame and appealed the brand with his team riders in all over Japan. Currently, he judges BMX contest, and is active as BMX school trainer and shop staff.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント KAZUO OKADA 画像:BMX-FreestylePark BMXフリースタイルパーク


Age:50 / JAPAN

Charismatic presence in the BMX freestyle. He has been interested in bicycles since he was a boy, and gets BMX when he was 15 years old. Formed Japan’s first BMX professional team “DIS CHARGE” at the age of 16. He specializes in street events, and has won titles in most domestic competitions. In addition, his ability has passed the world, with his third place in the 1997 US BICYCLE STUNT CONTEST. He also focuses on BMX promotion activities, including shows, contests, freestyle classes, technical books and video appearances.

BMX superstar Kazuo Okada talks about the joy of BMX.

“The feeling of floating in the air, and, if you decide on a skill and succeed, it will be a sense of accomplishment. Well, that skill, each one is difficult, so the sense of accomplishment when you can do it is amazing. I think that is great.”





 [Facilities and Site]

  • Check the location and time of the event when applying.

 [Event Cancellation]

  • Competitions or events may be cancelled when deemed necessary due to rain or inclement weather.

 [Cautions on the Day of the Event]

  • The participation fee includes sports insurance.
  • The event organizer cannot be held in any way responsible for injuries or other accidents that occur during events.
  • Any injuries caused by participants to other participants or viewers must be handled directly between the two parties.
  • Competitors must wear helmets.
  • The event organizer cannot be held in any way responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to valuables or belongings at the event site.
  • The event organizer retains all rights to the videos, photographs, etc., of participants taken by the event organizer during the event.
  • The event organizer retains the publication rights to all recordings of or concerning the event by the organizer or related parties.
  • If you have any issues with the posting of photographs, videos, articles, etc., of yourself, please inform a staff member.
  • Competitors that do not abide by the event’s rules, or that engage in behavior unbecoming of the event (violence, disparaging comments, etc.) will be ejected immediately.
  • No refunds will be given in the event of ejection from the event.


  • Competitors wishing to take video or photographs using their own photographer/videographer, etc., must submit a coverage application in advance.


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