Inline Skate:THE FINAL
  • Inline Skate:THE FINAL

    Inline Skate:THE FINAL

    THE FINAL, the king will be born at AICHI SKY EXPO in January 25th and 26th 2020!


    After all Okayama skater was the strongest in the domestic league. Attention to the battle of the master and pupil in the final. The black cards which are put in THE FINAL are living legends. Don’t miss the moment of the birth of the king.

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    What is Inline Skating?


    In this aggressive sport, competitors wearing roller skates with a row of wheels compete by performing original routines within their allotted time, pulling off jump tricks called air tricks using various types of jumps and grind tricks, sliding on metal pipes.



Qualifying Round.

・ 16 players

・ 2run (45sec / run) + last one trick 1 try

※ Top 8 players pass qualify to the final.

Final Round.

・ 8 players: 1 on 1 tournament battle (30sec/2un)

・ Only 1st and 2nd place match will be battle by 30 sec each and 3 times each.

※ THE FINAL will be battle by 8 players who pass the qualify.

[Scoring Method]

・ Qualifying Round:Each judge has total 100 points.

・ Final Round:Draw by 5 judges.

・ The points are scored with overall impression under 5 topics. [Difficulty / Creativity / Lining / Style / Total]



[Invitation Players]

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JOE ATKINSON 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age27 / UK

Blading Cup 2019 Ranked 1st of FISE ROLLERFREESTYLE (Nov 2019). Not only FISE, but he also has achieved excellent results at mainly park. He is all rounder who plays at street, too.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 CJ WELLSMORE 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート



FISE ROLLERFREESTYLE Ranked 2nd (Nov 2019)

His bright character and super skills excite the audiences and fascinate with dynamic skating. He also work for dissemination activities in the world.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 ROMAN ABRATE 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age32 / FRANCE

Ranked 3rd of FISE ROLLERFREESTYLE (Nov 2019). French top skater who is always ranked in FISE with the stable air trick.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 WARAPOJ BOONIM 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート



The hero of Thailand. Other professional skater respect him with his gentle personality.  The veteran skater who tries to improve environment of skaters in Thailand.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 MONTRE LIVINGSTON 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age32 / USA

The highest-grade street competition, Blading Cup 2019 , Ranked 1st. With his super physical ability, he shows overwhelming skill at any spot.  He has many fans and famous with his individual style and also with his friendly personality.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JAY YOON 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age14 / KOREA

Korean most attractive young player who always keep in ranking as the contest killer. Pro rider who is the representative of American Inline brand THEM. Attention as a young favorite in the final.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 ALEX BROSCOW 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age34 / USA

Best trick prize from Blading Cup2019. The legend who  is not showy, but his trick and every acting is so cool and fascinate everyone. There are so many fans in Japan, and it will be so precious to see his skating.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JEERASAK TASOORN 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート



The legend rider who leads inline skate scene with Warapoj Boonim in Thailand. With Thai high physical ability, his riding has good reputation. He is always active in world competition, and also in environment of Inline skate park.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 FRANKY MORALES 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age36 / USA

The legend who is based in Miami and very famous as HIPHOP artist. His style of grid is world top level and he is the most likely to win.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 RICHIE EISLER 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート



Not only street, but he fused slalom, speed and hokey in inline skate. Canadian major rider. He is one of the favorite in ASIDE FINAL with his top-level creativity.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 NICK LOMAX 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age33/ UK

He released his signature model from the best brand “Power Slide”. British world-wide pro-rider. He won 2nd prize at Winterclash in Netherlands and always in rank in the competition.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 SOICHIRO KANASHIMA 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age33 / JAPAN

2nd place of Blading Cup 2019. He is one of the famous skater in japan as many signature model from many brands. There are many fans in the world with his creative trick and routine.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 YUTO GOTO 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age25 / JAPAN

3rd place of Blading Cup 2019. Pupil of Soichiro Kanashima, but he won once at CHIMERA LEAGUE (1win/2lose). His style can show the big presence with only one trick.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 REN FUJIWARA 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age20 / JAPAN

Open class 1st place of Blading Cup 2019. The leader of new generation. He is improving high skate skill, difficulty of skill, and high-level style. He has excellent results at many tournament and is remarkable young skater now.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 NOBORU KATAYAMA 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age14 / JAPAN

1st place of U-18 Blading Cup 2019. Don’t despise as small kid. His skating skill is already top level. Especially summer visiting to USA, he got aggressive skating. Expected to be active with his light weight in the big park.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 AOI IWAMA 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age17 / JAPAN

Japan national player in World Roller Games 2018. Only 17 years old, but very active in worldwide. Aoi is the new generation skater whose air and grind is little rough but high-level already. Aoi also trains future generations.


CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント CHRIS FARMER 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age:35 / USA

Head Judge


Legend skater who has many fans in the world with his stylish skating. Even now, he plays as professional skater. He judged CHIMERA ASIDE 2018Chimera A-side as the head judge.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント BLAKE BIRD 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age:37 / FRANCE

He judges at FISE World Tour. The famous judge who has seen many professional skaters.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント CHEN CHI CHUAN 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age:44 / TAIWAN

Taiwanese legend skaters who has judged many Asian games. The trusted world judge.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント KYUNGMIN KEVIN LEE 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age:26 / KOREA

Pro school management in South Korea, and he has coached the players with objective analysis. So, he can judge with new and trend trick because he has been coaching new generations.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント TAKESHI ENATSU 画像:Inline Skate インラインスケート


Age:45 / JAPAN

One of the legend who supported the early days of aggressive inline skating in Japan. He established a huge scene in Kyushu Japan and was active in all over Japan and oversea. Currently, he manages NPO activities, and is active in holding events and developing backwards.





 [Facilities and Site]

  • Check the location and time of the event when applying.

 [Event Cancellation]

  • Competitions or events may be cancelled when deemed necessary due to rain or inclement weather.

 [Cautions on the Day of the Event]

  • The participation fee includes sports insurance.
  • The event organizer cannot be held in any way responsible for injuries or other accidents that occur during events.
  • Any injuries caused by participants to other participants or viewers must be handled directly between the two parties.
  • Competitors must wear helmets.
  • The event organizer cannot be held in any way responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to valuables or belongings at the event site.
  • The event organizer retains all rights to the videos, photographs, etc., of participants taken by the event organizer during the event.
  • The event organizer retains the publication rights to all recordings of or concerning the event by the organizer or related parties.
  • If you have any issues with the posting of photographs, videos, articles, etc., of yourself, please inform a staff member.
  • Competitors that do not abide by the event’s rules, or that engage in behavior unbecoming of the event (violence, disparaging comments, etc.) will be ejected immediately.
  • No refunds will be given in the event of ejection from the event.


  • Competitors wishing to take video or photographs using their own photographer/videographer, etc., must submit a coverage application in advance.


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