Summary of 1st LEAGUE, 2019

Summary of 1st LEAGUE, 2019


Finally, CHIMERA A-SIDE started.

Memorable first competition was held 4 games together at Higashi Shizuoka Art & Sports Park. Middle of July, it was rainy season and the weather forecast was rain on the day, but miraculously we got perfect sunny weather within two days.

By categorizing in each, U-16, GIRLS, OPEN LOW, OPEN HI, many challengers and the stars at each class were radiant because players could play with each level.

Also, because of 4 games mix, we were really glad to see the different categorized players could watch other competition and many players were so excited.

2nd and 3rd were held each games at different park. The category ‘’OPEN-HI CLASS’’, top 5 of total points from 3 matches will qualify the final stage.

Still, you have a chance to get the points for top 5 ranking because of the point system, please challenge even you skip 1st game.