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Competitor FAQ

Will the competition still be held in the event of rain?

Indoor park competitions will be held in the event of rain. Competitions may be cancelled due to severe weather, such as typhoons, or natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Please be aware that locations, times, and program contents are also subject to change. Changes to programs will be announced by the posting of updates on this site.

For outdoor events, the decision to hold or cancel competitions in the case of light rain will be based on weather conditions. Please be aware that locations, times, and program contents are subject to change. Competitions will be cancelled in the event of forecasts for ongoing rain.

Are competitions available for viewing online?

Event video and photographs will be released after the event through magazines, on TV, and via the internet, etc. Video and photographs will be taken on the day of the event. Event coverage will be streamed online (on the official YouTubeCHIMERA channel), and video and photographs taken by the official filming crew will be published on CHIMERA’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, the official website, and other media, so show your excitement and enthusiasm. Video and photographs of the event, both from inside and outside the event site, will be released after the event through magazines, on TV, and via the internet, etc.

Event Site FAQ

Are food and drinks available at the event site?

Information updates will be provided on the page of each event for events with food/drink booths.

What should I do if I feel sick or am hurt?

As a general rule, only first aid will be provided at event sites.  If you require first aid because you feel unwell or are hurt, please notify a nearby staff member.

What behavior is prohibited at the event site?

Please note that the following are prohibited.

・Disturbing or engaging in behavior that is dangerous to competitors or audience members

・Unruly behavior due to excessive drinking

・Throwing plastic bottles or other objects into the competition area

・Littering (including cigarette butts)

・Smoking outside the dedicated smoking areas

Please check the other event site rules.

Competition Registration FAQ

Where can I register to compete?

Please see the ticket information on the official competition website.

Can I register to compete in multiple classes?

Competitors cannot register to compete into multiple classes within the same genre. Competitors can only register to compete in one class per genre.

Is event site reentry permitted?

There is no fee to watch the competition, so event site reentry is permitted. Competitors who have signed in for the event will be given wristbands that are proof of their registration status. Please note that if your wristband is removed, it will be invalidated. Treat your wristband with care.

I’ve registered to compete. What do I need to enter the competition site?

After registering to compete, competitors will be issued a QR code by LivePocket.

When signing in, show the QR code on your smartphone screen or a physical printout of the QR code.

Parking FAQ

Is parking available?

Parking is available at some event sites, but parking is limited, so please check the website for the event site. The use of nearby coin-operated parking lots is recommended.

Is there parking for disabled people?

Please inquire at each venue.

Event Site Rules

The event management office may change operation rules at any time, using any method, if it deems it necessary to do so due to potential interference with event operations. Please note that no entry fees will be refunded as the result of rule changes.

Drinking by minors and persons coming to the event by car is prohibited.

It is prohibited to bring special devices (infrared cameras, etc.) or large devices which could be nuisances to others into event sites. Only members of the media that have completed coverage registration may bring in large monopods, tripods, or stepladders. Selfie-sticks can interfere with competitors and run the risk of striking other event visitors. Do not use selfie-sticks at the event site.

Authorization of filming and photography by CHIMERA Union

・Various types of filming and photography will be performed at the event site, including official photography and filming and filming/photography by other members of the media. Please be aware that event visitors may appear in videos and photographs.

・Audio recording, video recording, and internet streaming of the event may be carried out by CHIMERA Union or another party selected by CHIMERA Union. Recordings of the event will be distributed and released online following the event. Event attendees understand that they may appear in recordings of the event, and grant corresponding permission.

・Event attendees also understand that individuals shown in recordings will not be blurred out, masked using mosaics, or have their identities otherwise obscured, and grant permission for their likeness to be shown without obscuring.

The following actions are prohibited at the event site.

・Activity or the possession of items which run counter to public order and standards of decency

・Unauthorized possession or distribution of fliers, etc.

・Leaving articles unattended (event attendees are responsible for taking care of their own bags and other possessions, including wallets, credit cards, and other valuables. The event organizer, event site, and event staff cannot be held in any way responsible for damage to or the theft of articles inside or outside the event site.)

・Disturbing competitors or audience members

・Smoking outside designated smoking areas

The event organizer, event site, and event performers cannot be held in any way responsible for accidents inside or outside the event site.

Persons that do not follow staff instructions, or that engage in behavior that disturbs other attendees, whether inside or outside the site, will be ejected. Please note that no entry fee refunds will be given in the event of ejection from the event.

Other notes

・Anyone found to have entered without authorization will be handed to the police, regardless of their reasons, and CHIMERA Union will seek damages.

Disaster response

・In the event of an earthquake or other disaster, the first priority will be the safety of those at the event. The event may be suspended in some cases, and we will seek to prevent confusion within the event site. If evacuation is necessary, the staff will announce evacuation routes and other information. Follow the staff’s instructions and act in an orderly fashion.

Rights to content provided by users to CHIMERA Union

・All copyrighted materials regarding the event (including but not limited to text, images, and video) and all customer information submitted to CHIMERA Union are the property of the event organizer.

Notes regarding competition registration and entry fees

Please note that tickets are not refunded in principle.

No changes or cancellations will be possible following the deadline.

Wristbands cannot be used by multiple people. Each person must wear one wristband.

Competitors will be provided with wristbands at the event site. Always wear your wristband when entering the competition site.

The wristband you receive will serve as proof of your registration status. Competitors that remove their wristbands will be disqualified. Wristbands cannot be reissued.

Competition registration for business or resale purposes is prohibited.

The personal information supplied when purchasing tickets will be protected by the event organizer and used for future operation purposes.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee plane tickets or lodging expenses for competitors registering to compete from overseas locations or distant parts of Japan, even in the event of event cancellation.

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