Skateboard:THE FINAL
  • Skateboard:THE FINAL

    Skateboard:THE FINAL

    THE FINAL, the king will be born at AICHI SKY EXPO in January 25th and 26th 2020!


    Young players could be seen to bite TOP class, but the black cards which are put in THE FINAL are living legends. Don’t miss the moment of the birth of the king.

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    What is Skateboarding?


    In the skateboarding competition, athletes compete while on top of boards that glide on four wheels. The competition uses sections with objects such as ramps, rails, and steps, and athletes compete based on trick quality and difficulty. The boards are not attached to the competitors’ feet, so there is an emphasis on athlete’s abilities to control the boards in the air – spinning them or grinding on rails – as well as on style.



Qualifying Round.

・ 16 players / 4 heat

・ 45 sec / 2 run + 3 best trick

※ Top 8 players pass qualify to the final.

Final Round.

・ 8 players / 4 heat

・ 45 sec / 2 run + 3 best trick

※ THE FINAL will be battle by 8 players who pass the qualify.

[Scoring Method]

・ SCORING: One run is 100 points + Best trick 100 points. Total 200 points.

・ Choose the best point from 3 try.

・ The points are scored with overall impression under 5 topics. [Difficulty / Perfection / Originality / Variation / Routine]



[Invitation Players]

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 TOREY PUDWILL 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age29 / USA

He manages real brand which is skater first as Grizzly Griptape and Thank you skate co.

Street League official rider and he also works in Skate and business.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JAMIE FOY 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age23 / USA

Focused hammer trick rider who always has some latest news such as release of his own signature shoes from New Balance SB , Video part of RedBull 2019, and Thrasher Skate of the year 2017.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 JAKE ILARDI 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age22 / USA

The rookie who has been hugely successful for a few years.  He is all around skater who skates stably from vertical.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 TRENT MCCLUNG 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age26 / USA

He belongs the famous skateboard brand PRIMITIVE SKATEBOARDS.

His stylish kickflip trick fascinate all fans.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 TOM ASTA 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age29 / USA

The world top rider who performs smooth transcendental technical tricks that are active in a wide variety of fields from video parts to contests! Expect the flip-in flip-out tricks in this tournament!

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 NYJAH HUSTON 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age25 / USA

The king of skaters who won more than 20 times at Street League. Definitely, his high-level skating will make the audience excite!

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 DASHAWN JORDAN 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age22 / USA

Hammer-Tricker whose section approach is unique with strong spring as his weapon. Don’t miss his dynamic jump and trick which he climb from below.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 TOMMY FYNN 画像:Skateboard スケートボード



He transferred suddenly to PLANB Skateboards. He bases in Australia, and hammer and technical trick is his favorite.

Expectation of his skating in the future after his transfer.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 YUTO HORIGOME 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age20 / JAPAN

The most famous Japanese rider who active successfully in the world. He has won many times at the world big contest and he also active in the video part.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 SORA SHIRAI 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age18 / JAPAN

His signature trick is called as ‘’SORA Grind’’ in the live situation . He won the world championship in Brazil and look forward this promising skater.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 YUKITO AOKI 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age16 / JAPAN

Shizuoka made world ranked skateboarder whose 360 flip to rail trick is so impressive.
Recently, he always qualify to the final at world matches. Attention to his stable skating.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 KEYAKI IKE 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age18 / JAPAN

He is active  in many parts such as the contests in all over the world, Monster Energy and Dorcus video part. He gets the support from Almost Skateboards. His variety of trick as Switch, Nollie, and Fakie is so attractive.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 KAIRI NETSUKE 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age16 / JAPAN

He was the most active in Japanese street contest of 2019. Not only in Japan, he won at Tampa AM which is the highest amateur skate contest. It’s expectation how his skating will compete with other professional skaters.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 TOA SASAKI 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age12 / JAPAN

Surprising his high complete level of tricks even he is only 12 years old. He got the ticket to the final with his brother, Raimu.

Look forward to see how his front flip can compete with the world-wide riders.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 RAIMU SASAKI 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age15 / JAPAN

Young rider who is  the representative of Tokai area where ASIDE will hold.

His Switch front-side trick has good reputation, and he also has variety of rail trick.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:招待選手 AIMU TAMAZUKI 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age14 / JAPAN

His stylish and sense of speed is like that of adult. Japan rider of Element Skateboards. Expectation of his active in the future.


CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント MATT RODRIGUEZ 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age:35 / USA

He judges at SLS and many world competition. He is also active as the competition director and judge development.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント KELLY HART 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age:34 / USA

He has career as professional skater, and produce his pro-model from VISIT SKATEBOARDING. Also, he is judging at SLS and other world-wide competition.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント KAZUKI TATEMOTO 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age:43 / JAPAN

He has moved in Saitama since 2019, and was selected as manager of SKIPFACTORY SKATE PARK.

He actively goes all over Japan and he established his original brand, “TUFLEG”. He also works as instructor for developing kids, and appears on drama. Since 2018, he has been the coach of certified players of Tokyo Olympic Committee, and is organizer of WORLD CUP SKATEBORDING JPN.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント MORITAKA OGIDO 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age:43 / JAPAN

He is active as 13mind pro rider (show case, school, etc.), AJSA official judge, JSF official judge, and the judge of 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Released 5 signature decks from PREMIUM SKATEBOARD until May 2009. He established LADLAND since 2013, and opened Ogido style skateboard school now. He contributes Tohoku skateboard scene very well.

CHIMERA-A-SIDEのTHE FINAL 2019のReport:ジャッジメント DAISUKE MIYAJIMA 画像:Skateboard スケートボード


Age:40 / JAPAN

Since 1998, he has been constantly in California where is the genuine skateboard. He has moved completely in California(LA) for 2 years from 2000 to 2002, and he got the sponsors and was shooting his own part. He appeared on the film such as LA COUNTY, KALAIDO SCOPE, LA UNDERGROUND.


Currently, he manages the riders as the team manager of MxMxM Skateboards, and also handles every parts related to skateboard, shooting film, and producing DECK. In addition, he gains experience of judge and MC at the contest and events of G-SHOCK, NIKE, adidas, and VANS.





 [Facilities and Site]

  • Check the location and time of the event when applying.

 [Event Cancellation]

  • Competitions or events may be cancelled when deemed necessary due to rain or inclement weather.

 [Cautions on the Day of the Event]

  • The participation fee includes sports insurance.
  • The event organizer cannot be held in any way responsible for injuries or other accidents that occur during events.
  • Any injuries caused by participants to other participants or viewers must be handled directly between the two parties.
  • Competitors must wear helmets.
  • The event organizer cannot be held in any way responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to valuables or belongings at the event site.
  • The event organizer retains all rights to the videos, photographs, etc., of participants taken by the event organizer during the event.
  • The event organizer retains the publication rights to all recordings of or concerning the event by the organizer or related parties.
  • If you have any issues with the posting of photographs, videos, articles, etc., of yourself, please inform a staff member.
  • Competitors that do not abide by the event’s rules, or that engage in behavior unbecoming of the event (violence, disparaging comments, etc.) will be ejected immediately.
  • No refunds will be given in the event of ejection from the event.


  • Competitors wishing to take video or photographs using their own photographer/videographer, etc., must submit a coverage application in advance.


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